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4 AUGUST                                 11 AUGUST                                 18 AUGUST                                                   25 AUGUST
09H00:  SENZO                         09H00:  SENZO                           09H00: SENZO                                             09H00:  
11H00:  SENZO                         11H00:  ZAMA ZULU                   11H00:  LELETHU MAHAMBEHLALA       11H00:  

JULY 2019
7 JULY                                        14 JULY                                        21 JULY                                      28 JULY
09H00:  SENZO                          09H00:  NO RECORDING           09H00:  REV V MAY                  09H00:  
11H00:  SENZO                          11H00:  NO RECORDING            11H00: GUEST                           11H00:

JUNE 2019
2 JUNE                                        9 JUNE                                         16 JUNE                                     23 JUNE                                          30 JUNE
09H00:  SENZO                          09H00:  KERRYN BARTON        09H00:  GEORGE IRVINE        09H00: KERRYN BARTON          09H00:  NO RECORDING
11H00:  SENZO                          11H00:  ZAMA ZULU                  11H00:  NONNIE MDAKA        11H00:  NO RECORDING            11H00:  SENZO

MAY 2019
5 MAY                                            12 MAY                                          19 MAY                                      26 MAY
09H00:  NO RECORDING             09H00:  KERRYN BARTON         09H00:  GEORGE IRVINE       09H00:  SENZO
11H00:  LOLO NEKENE                11H00:  MASWANA                     11H00: RUSI                             11H00:  SENZO

APRIL 2019
7  APRIL                                        14 APRIL                                       21 APRIL                                   28 APRIL
09H00:  SENZO NDLOVU            09H00:  EFFAH ATUAHENE        09H00:  NO RECORDING        09H00:  SENZO NDLOVU         
11H00:  NO RECORDING             11H00:   NO RECORDING            11H00:  REV U FLEURS            11H00:  NO RECORDING 

16 APRIL                                     17 APRIL                                       19 APRIL
MARCH 2019
3 MARCH                                       10 MARCH                                  17 MARCH                               24 MARCH                             31 MARCH
09H00:  NO RECORDING             09H00:  GEORGE IRVINE          09H00:  SENZO NDLOVU     09H00:  GEORGE IRVINE     09H00: SENZO NDLOVU         
11H00:  NO RECORDING             11H00:  SENZO NDLOVU          11H00:  SENZO NDLOVU     11H00:  SENZO NDLOVU     11H00: SENZO NDLOVU

3 FEBRUARY                                  10 FEBRUARY                             17 FEBRUARY                           24 FEBRUARY
09H00  COVENANT SERVICE       09H00: KERRYN BARTON         09H00:  NO RECORDING          09H00:  NO RECORDING
11H00  SENZO                                11H00:  ZAMA ZULU                   11H00:  NO RECORDING          11H00:  NO RECORDING

6 JANUARY               13 JANUARY                              20 JANUARY                               27 JANUARY
09H00  SENZO          09H00  NO RECORDING            09H00  SENZO                             09H00  KERRYN
                                                                                       11H00  MZWAI MAKHOPA        11H00  FESI
23 DECEMBER                          24 DECEMBER                         25 DECEMBER                            30 DECEMBER
09H00 SENZO NDLOVU           18H00 SENZO NDLOVU            08H00 SENZO NDLOVU            09H00 KERRYN BARTON
2 DECEMBER                                 9 DECEMBER                                              16 DECEMBER                         
09H00:  SENZO NDLOVU             09H00:  CHRISTMAS CANTATA                 09H00:  SENZO NDLOVU          
11H00:  SENZO NDLOVU             11H00:  NO RECORDING
4 NOVEMBER                    11 NOVEMBER                         18 NOVEMBER                         25 NOVEMBER
09H00:  SENZO                  09H00:  SENZO                        09H00:  GEORGE                     09H00:  SENZO
11H00: SENZO                   11H00:  NO RECORDING        11H00:  SENZO                         11H00:  MANDISI COLLARING SERVICE
7 OCTOBER                              14 OCTOBER                              21 OCTOBER                         28 OCTOBER
09H00: KERRYN BARTON       09H00:  KERRYN BARTON         09H00:  GEORGE IRVINE       09H00:  SENZO
11H00: NO RECORDING                                                                                                               11H00:  HEALING SERVICE
2 SEPTEMBER          9 SEPTEMBER                    16 SEPTEMBER                    23 SEPTEMBER                    30 SEPTEMBER
09H00: SENZO          09H00: SENZO                     09H00: SENZO                     09H00: KERRYN                    09H00: SENZO
11H00: SENZO          11H00: NO RECORDING      11H00: NO RECORDING     11H00: NO RECORDING       11H00: NO RECORDING


5 AUGUST                         12 AUGUST                         19 AUGUST                         26 AUGUST
09H00:  Senzo                    09H00: Kerryn Barton           09h00:  George Irvine          09h00:  Nonnie Mdaka
1h00: NO RECORDING   11H00: NO RECORDING    11H00: NO RECORDING    11H00: Women's Service
09H00:  Effah Atuahene
3 JUNE                              10 JUNE                                  17 JUNE                                24 JUNE
09h00: Senzo Ndlovu           09h00: No Recording              09h00: No Recording            09h00: No Recording
11h00: No recording         11h00: No Recording              11h00: No Recording            11h00: No Recording
6 MAY                              13 MAY                                 20 MAY                                27 MAY
09h00: Senzo Ndlovu         09h00: George Irvine               09h00: Chris Harrison            09h00: Kerryn Barton
11h00: Senzo Ndlovu         11h00: NO RECORDING       11h00: NO RECORDING      11h00: NO RECORDING


1 APRIL                                   8 APRIL                             15 APRIL                          22 APRIL                         29 APRIL
08h00: Senzo Ndlovu             09h00: Kerryn Barton        09h00: Senzo Ndlovu     09h00: Senzo Ndlovu     09h00: Effah Atuahene
10h00: Mandisi Ngwabeni     11h00: Lungile Jovuka      11h00: Senzo Ndlovu     11h00: No Recording      11h00: Zolani Maswana
26 MARCH          27 MARCH          28 MARCH          29 MARCH          GOOD FRIDAY
Kerryn Barton     Senzo Ndlovu      Effah Atuahene   George Irvine       Senzo Ndlovu

4 MARCH                      11 MARCH                     18 MARCH                        25 MARCH                                     

09h00:  Senzo Ndlovu    09h00: Senzo Ndlovu     09h00: Lonwabo Manzi    09h00: George Irvine                            
11h00: Senzo Ndlovu     11h00: Senzo Ndlovu     11h00: Lolo Nekene         11h00: Mr Mkhwalo&Mr Ndaba   
4 FEBRUARY                11 FEBRUARY                18 FEBRUARY                  25 FEBRUARY
09h00:  Senzo Ndlovu   09h00: Alan Glover          09h00: George Irvine         09h00: Effah Atuahene
11h00:  No Recording  11h00: Lolo Nekene         11h00:  No Recording      11h00: No Recording      
7 JANUARY                   14 JANUARY                   21 JANUARY               28 JANUARY
9h00:  Senzo Ndlovu   09h00: Kerryn Barton      09h00: Senzo Ndlovu  09h00: Senzo Ndlovu
11h00: Senzo Ndlovu    11h00: Mzwai Makhopa  11h00:  FMC                11h00: No Recording                                                                                 

3 DECEMBER            10 DECEMBER           17 DECEMBER           24 DECEMBER              25 DECEMBER                31 DECEMBER                    
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo         09h00: Cantata                09h00: George Irvine       09h00: Kerryn Barton           09h00: Senzo Ndlovu             09h00: Senzo Ndlovu        
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo         11h00: Siphiwi Gomba

5 NOVEMBER                   12 NOVEMBER                  19 NOVEMBER                       26 NOVEMBER                     
09h00: George Irvine               09h00:Alan Glover                    09h00: George Irvine                   09h00: No Recording          
11h00: Anderson Mndela        11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                   11h00: Vusi Khet
helo                  11h00: No Recording
1 OCTOBER                 8 OCTOBER                 15 OCTOBER                       22 OCTOBER                29 OCTOBER                     
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo      09h00:No Recording    09h00: Luvuyo Sifo               09h00: Effah Atuahene   09h00: Luvuyo Sifo
11h00: No Recording  11h00: No Recording   11h00: Luvuyo Sifo             11h00: Langa Mkwhalo  11h00: No Recording


3 SEPTEMBER                        10 SEPTEMBER                       17 SEPTEMBER                         24 SEPTEMBER                       
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                  09h00: Kerryn Barton                  09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                       NO RECORDING
                                                  11h00: Lolo Nekene                  11h00: MYU


JULY 2017

2 JULY                                    9 JULY                                     16 JULY                                       23 JULY                                30 JULY
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                09h00: Kerryn Barton               09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                     09h00: No Recording          09h00: No Recording
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                11h00:  No Recording             11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                     11h00: No Recording          11h00: Luvuyo Sifo

JUNE 2017

4 JUNE                                    11 JUNE                                    18 JUNE                                             25 JUNE
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                 09h00: Kerryn Barton                 09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                           09h00: Alan Glover                               
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                 11h00:  No Recording               11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                           11h00: Langa Mkhwalo

MAY 2017

7 MAY                                    14 MAY                                    21 MAY                                                28 MAY
09h00: George Irvine             09h00: Kerryn Barton              09h00: George Irvine                          09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                               
11h00: Rev. Nkomonde         11h00:  No Recording            11h00:  No recording                         11h00: Luvuyo Sifo

APRIL 2017

2 APRIL                              9 APRIL                            16 APRIL (EASTER SUNDAY)
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo            09h00: Kerryn Barton        09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                               
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo            11h00: YMG
23 APRIL                            30 APRIL
09h00: Effah Atuahene        09h00: Luvuyo Sifo
11h00: No Recording         11h00: Luvuyo Sifo

MARCH 2017

5 MARCH                                 12 MARCH                                   19 MARCH                                  26 MARCH
09h00:  No recording              09h00: Kerryn Barton                   09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                    09h00: Luvuyo Sifo
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                  11h00: Mr Mahlanza                     11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                    11h00: Luvuyo Sifo


5 FEBRUARY                           12 FEBRUARY                              19 FEBRUARY                            26 FEBRUARY
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                   09h00: Effah Atuahene                  09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                     09h00: Luvuyo Sifo
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                   11h00: Unathi Nodada                  11h00: Luvuyo Sifo


1 JANUARY                                       8 JANUARY                           15 JANUARY                           22 JANUARY                           29 JANUARY
09h00: George Irvine                         09h00: No Recording            09h00: George Irvine               09h00: No Recording             09h00: Luvuyo Sifo
                                                           11h00: Langa Mkhwalo                                                                                                            (Covenant Sunday)
                                                                                                                                                                                                             11h00: Luvuyo Sifo


4 DECEMBER                                     11 DECEMBER                             18 DECEMBER                          24 DECEMBER                         25 DECEMBER
09h00: No Recording                         09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                       09h00: Effah Atuahene              18h00: Luvuyo Sifo                  09h00: Luvuyo Sifo


6 NOVEMBER                                     13 NOVEMBER                             20 NOVEMBER                          27 NOVEMBER
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                              09h00: Effah Atuahene                  09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                    09h00: "Christmas Proclamation" Cantata
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                              11h00: Lolo Nekene                      11h00: No Recording                11h00:  No Recording


2 OCTOBER                                       9 OCTOBER                               16 OCTOBER                             23 OCTOBER                                30 OCTOBER
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                             09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                      09h00:  No Recording               09h00: Kerryn Barton                     09h00: Alan Glover
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                11h00: Luvuyo Sifo


4 SEPTEMBER                                   11 SEPTEMBER                         18 SEPTEMBER                          25 SEPTEMBER
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                             09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                       09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                      09h00: Kerryn Barton


7 AUGUST                                          21 AUGUST                                        28 AUGUST
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                             09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                             09h00: Luvuyo Sifo

JULY 2016                                                                                      

17 JULY                                              24 JULY                                              31 JULY
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                            09h00: Effah Atuahene                       
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo
3 JULY                                                10 JULY
09h00: George Irvine                          09h00: Kerryn Barton                                    
11h00: Sydney Qangule                                

JUNE 2016

19 JUNE                                                            26 JUNE
09h00: Kerryn Barton                                        09h00: Dix Sibeko                                     
11h00: No Recording                                       11h00: Luvuyo Sifo
5 JUNE                                                              12 JUNE
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                                            09h00: Kerryn Barton
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                                            11h00: Langa Mkhwalo

MAY 2016

22 MAY (Trinity Sunday)                                     29 MAY 
09h00: Effah Atuahene                                        09h00: Luvuyo Sifo
11h00: Mr. Hote                                                 11h00: Luvuyo Sifo
1 MAY (Expect the Holy Spirit)                            8 MAY (Mother's Day)
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                                                 09h00: No recording
11h00: No Recording                                            11h00: No Recording

APRIL 2016

17 APRIL (The Shepherd's Voice)                        24 APRIL (The New Commandment)
09h00: No Recording                                          09h00: Kerryn Barton
11h00: No Recording                                          11h00: No Recording

MARCH 2016

20 MARCH (Palm Sunday)                                 27 MARCH (Resurrection Sunday)
09h00: Alan Glover                                              09h00: Luvuyo Sifo
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                                              11h00: No Recording
6 MARCH (Extravagant Love - Salvation)        13 MARCH (Extravagant Love)                   
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                                               09h00: Luvuyo Sifo
11h00: No Recording                                          11h00:  Luvuyo Sifo


21 FEBRUARY (God's Covenant)                     28 FEBRUARY (Repent or Perish)                   
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                                              09h00: George Irvine
11h00: No Recording                                         11h00:  Luvuyo Sifo
7 FEBRUARY (Induction of Rev. Sifo)              14 FEBRUARY (Luke 4 : 1 - 13 - The Temptation of Jesus)             
09h00: Bishop Mbete                                            09h00: Kerryn Barton
                                                                              11h00: Lolo Nekene



31 JANUARY (1 Corinthians 13)
09h00: Effah Atuahene
17 JANUARY (1 Corinthians 12: 1 - 13)              24 JANUARY (Covenant)
09h00: Rev. Michael Higgs 
                                       09h00: Luvuyo Sifo
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo
3 JANUARY (John 1 : 1 - 18)                             10 JANUARY (Luke 3 : 15-17, 21-22)
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                                              09h00: Kerryn Barton
                                                                            11h00: Mr. Maswana


Theme: Malihambe (“let it spread”) – readings in the book of Acts
16 08 09 – love wants more than comfort (bgm)
acts 18 – barry reflects on what might be the biggest potential obstacle to the sharing of the gospel… comfort.
02 08 09 – blind so that you can see (George Irvine)
teaching from acts 13 – george reflects on what might distract us from really engaging with the gospel so that it transforms us.
19 07 09 – more or less than enough? (bgm)
based on Acts 11, barry looks at the church in Antioch and makes a strong appeal for a hunger for learning and generous hearts.
05 07 09 – faith or superstition? (bgm)
Acts 8, Phillip in Samaria and Simon the Sorcerer encounters the gospel. What is faith and superstition?
05 07 09 (6pm) – God, be good to me! (bgm)
barry invites you to pray a simple prayer: “be good to me.” What does it mean to say “God is good!”?

Post-Pentecost Theme: “Daring & Devotion”
28 06 09 – seven are chosen (bgm)
Acts 6:1-7 – racism, xenophobia and affirmative action in first century jerusalem… sounding familiar?
07 06 09 – Peter’s First Sermon (bgm)
Acts 3 – what should we do?
31 05 09 – Pentecost Sunday 2009 (bgm)
a message reflecting on the miracle of pentecost – Acts 2 – that everyone heard in their own language. God’s Spirit moving against “separate development”.

Theme: Family and Friendship
17 05 09 – relationships: Constancy (faithfulness) (bgm)
Romans 15:1-7
03 05 09 – the Love Languages sermon (bgm)
a message on relationships introducing ideas from Gary Chapman’s book ‘the Five Love Languages”.

Joe Lofafa 13 April 2014.mp3

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